I believe everyone has to find own rhythm in life.

My life evolves around this 7 rhythms below.

Everyone has to eat. That’s the best way to build relationships.
You can learn a lot by listening to others and looking at yourself as a student.
It’s important to share own story and get to know other people stories.
Giving brings a true Joy. I believe in sharing talent, time and resources.
Celebrate every moment of life (not only yours).
Use your gifts and skills to change world around you. Be creative.
Rest is a key part of every activity. You need to recover in order to create more.

About Me

I am a designer, born and raised in Poland. Have been working professionally in design industry since 2006. Currently working as Apparel Designer at polish sport brand 4F. I am also a footwear designer, a PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy Alumni.

[Sep 2018 – NOW] Apparel Designer at 4F www.4f.com.pl

[Sep – Dec 2017] PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy – Portland, Oregon

[2010 – 2017] Designer at D-39 | Graphic and Web Design – Northern Ireland

[2012 – 2014] Designer at MCHN | Authentic Street Wear – Northern Ireland

[2006 – 2010] Graphic Designer at CCN – Northern Ireland

I am also a Founder of No More Traffic, charity against human trafficking.

“You can’t accomplish anything without possibility of failure”

– Founder of The Barkley Marathons